Artificial Politics

Obama may have, just might have, sealed the deal last night with a decisive win in North Carolina and an extremely narrow loss in Indiana.

Clinton should start working on her new message: Republicans are bad!

Read on DailyKos: Bill Clinton as a Supreme? Don’t want to waste the time googling it, but has there ever been a disbarred lawyer on the Supreme Court?

Also from DailyKos: Hillary as Senate Majority Leader. There isn’t a consolation prize for tearing your party in half, attacking the presumptive nominee of your party, and acting like a pit-bull from the other side of the aisle. Wait, maybe there should be. The prize should be a demotion!

Oil keeps on rising. The sky is blue. Things cost more than they did yesterday.

John McCain is old. Film at 11.

John King of CNN is now the RainMan of Elections. Lake County, IN, is 8% of the population, definitely 8%.

People are afraid of change, afraid of necessary corrections. Problem is that necessary change makes us better people. Time to step up to the plate.

This post brought to you by the letters A, I, and Reverend Jeremiah Wright (hey, he’s desperate, we’re cheap, match made in Heave^^^ll)