From the Department of Redundancy Department

In 2007 I spent all of my time writing code, doing research, and not really communicating with the outside world. Knowing that this is a bad thing, especially when you want to bring a communication-based product to market, I’ve decided to change that.

Communication is at the very core of everything. Not just the ‘Net, or business, or relationships. Those examples are just higher-level versions of communication. We can go all the way down to the atom and look at the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces all the way up to Planets and Galaxies movements based on Gravity. They are different types of communication then we are used to, but there is still a level of interaction.

Communication is what makes our species so special, it’s why we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder. The level of communication between neurons and chemicals in our brains is what makes us such incredible animals. Communication is responsible for every technical achievment we have ever made.

Communication, communication, communication. It’s what makes our world go ’round.