Artificial Post

This isn’t really a blog post. OK, maybe it is, but it shouldn’t be considered a real blog post. Why? Because it is being written without any intentions whatsoever.

Now, I hear you saying that a lot of blog posts start out that way, but this one will try and stay true to this idea. There will be very little point to actually reading this post because there will be no new information that will be conveyed through it.

Is this an attempt at being existential? Ha! Nice try. Attempting to be something would be giving a purpose, an intent, to this post. Since there is none, I can assure you this is not a case of being existential.

By the previous paragraph’s logic, I shouldn’t have to answer any other questions trying to deduce a purpose or intent in this post. Even a good question such as “are you just trying to waste my or your time?” doesn’t muster a need for a response.

You, dear reader, are losing precious time and resources by reading this post (certainly reading this far!) and trying to get something of value out of it. There is no value, no content, no purpose.

There is no ‘why’ to this post. This post doesn’t just exist either, which seems to be in opposition to the nature of this post. ‘This post just is‘ violates the nature of the content. So what the hell is going on?

You have been BlogWhacked (TM). You will never get the time you have spent reading this back. It’s OK, I won’t get the time back that I spent writing it. So we’re both screwed.

P.S. – You have been BlogWhacked does not imply that the post was designed to BlogWhack you. It just so happens that it does.