Started using Dave Winer’s new FlickrFan last night. Here are my impressions:

– Killer result. Absolutely an incredible way to display interesting and relevant images from around the world, both your own internal world and the rest of the world.

– Horrible delivery vessel. Using the OPML editor as the engine is like taking a 737 across town for your commute. I understand that Dave only wants to program in his environment, but the simplicity of the result is completely betrayed by the complexity of the implementation.

– It would be super cool to have captions explaining the pictures if available. I’m a huge Packers fan and there is a picture of Brett Favre in my stream, but I wasn’t able to find the caption anywhere. It doesn’t show up in my event log. Why is there a picture of one of the greatest quarterbacks on AP? Dunno.

– Not related to FlickrFan itself, but I was unaware that the ‘Pictures’ screensaver on Mac OSX displays a different picture for each display. A very pleasant surprise when you have 3 monitors hooked up.

I understand that this is very much a ‘1.0’ release. A ‘Proof of Concept.’ As Fred Brooks says in
The Mythical Man Month
, plan to throw one away. This version needs to be thrown away and refined into the killer app that it is screaming to become.

(All the above is said with the greatest respect for what Dave has done for all of us on the web)

Bleak Thoughts

Watched Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO’ yesterday. Really amazing documentary/movie. Makes you realize that we’ve been getting screwed with our pants on.

My favorite idea was the need to switch from ‘Me to We’

Can this even happen? Probably not. Makes me really worry about our future as a nation and a civilization. How much longer can we sustain our current value systems before we crumble under their weight?

2008 might not be a good year. I hope it is, but sometimes it’s hard to be optimistic. Maybe we should move to France…

I’ve been actively reading, learning, and observing as much as I can about our current social climate, both here and abroad. Too much of it is based on highly irrational thinking and elitist attitudes. History has shown us that any ‘progress’ made under these terms is extremely lethal to society.

People die due to irrational thinking. The amount of people depends on the technology available, and since technology is always progressing this current wave we seem to be in will just get deadlier.

People revolt due to elitist attitudes. The greater the divide between the ‘higher-ups’ and those on the bottom the greater possibility of a revolt. The rich are getting richer faster and the poor are becoming more numerous faster. And that’s just here in the US.

Too much change is needed to fix these two problems. Very depressing.

My prediction for 2008 is that things will only get worse. We need a miracle for things to get better. A real, bonafide miracle.