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Random thoughts on AI

I’m not currently working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), but I do spend some of my free time going through thought experiments on what would be required to actually create AI. Here are some of my thoughts…

– Can ‘Strong’ AI ever be created? Yes, because ‘strong’ intelligence already exists in humans (some more than others.) If something already exists that means that it is possible to copy it. I don’t mean being able to copy a person’s brain and have a duplicate person, but to be able to copy the relevant structures that allow intelligence to happen. Most experts peg this ability at around 2030.

– Theory of Intelligence. Is it possible to come up with an equation that explains intelligence? I think so. I see things progressing forward without an equation and then the equation being retrofitted to the result. Something like: “Number of neurons x Average number of connections per neuron x Capability of senses x Energy used = intelligence”

– Will AI have a soul? Nope. The soul is an idea completely made up by man. There is no scientific proof that a soul exists.

– Will ‘Strong’ AI be friendly? Maybe. There is no guarantee that an AI created will think that humans are worth keeping around.

I’ve been looking for patterns in nature that might lead towards an AI solution based on the rational that humans come from nature. It’s been an almost a pseudo-religious experience. Imagine that average human intelligence is represented by one of today’s standard desktop computers. Maybe, like this Mac that I’m typing on, it’s a 3.0GHz quad core with 4 GB of memory. The next most intelligent species, say chimpanzees or dolphins, would probably be represented by the rough equivalent of a 286 running at 8MHz with 4 MB of memory.

I think that’s a pretty fair comparison. Both computers can do some of the same really basic things, but the Mac is obviously a much more advanced and capable machine. Need to look into this some more…


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