Testing the waters and deciding to jump in head first…

I’ve been given the chance of a lifetime: Take an extended sabbatical from work and spend my time working on a new project all by myself. No distractions from actual work. No one to answer to but myself for the foreseeable future. And I still get paid! What a deal…

I’ll be taking this time to work on CoffeeTalk, a system still awaiting a proper description. I have a map of everything in my head and in some documents about where CT is going from a programming standpoint, but nothing concrete business-wise. I’ve done my fair share of ‘business development’ over the past 9 years, but I really suck at it. My record is like 1 and 10, which I guess is pretty standard for business ideas. Or so I heard.

Anyways, I’ll be focusing on getting CT stable and feature complete over the next couple of months. This means a few of things:
– Rip out the networking code in the server and replace it with the Twisted framework
– Update the Python client to use Twisted as well
– Start working on a Flex client
– Finalize all features for version 2.1

I want to treat this like I’m going into seclusion to write the ‘Great American Novel’. I’ll need to stay focused, but relaxed. This is an incredible chance for me to do something that I am passionate about. I already have a good start on things, I just need to focus on the next step.


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