Artificial Post

This isn’t really a blog post. OK, maybe it is, but it shouldn’t be considered a real blog post. Why? Because it is being written without any intentions whatsoever.

Now, I hear you saying that a lot of blog posts start out that way, but this one will try and stay true to this idea. There will be very little point to actually reading this post because there will be no new information that will be conveyed through it.

Is this an attempt at being existential? Ha! Nice try. Attempting to be something would be giving a purpose, an intent, to this post. Since there is none, I can assure you this is not a case of being existential.

By the previous paragraph’s logic, I shouldn’t have to answer any other questions trying to deduce a purpose or intent in this post. Even a good question such as “are you just trying to waste my or your time?” doesn’t muster a need for a response.

You, dear reader, are losing precious time and resources by reading this post (certainly reading this far!) and trying to get something of value out of it. There is no value, no content, no purpose.

There is no ‘why’ to this post. This post doesn’t just exist either, which seems to be in opposition to the nature of this post. ‘This post just is‘ violates the nature of the content. So what the hell is going on?

You have been BlogWhacked (TM). You will never get the time you have spent reading this back. It’s OK, I won’t get the time back that I spent writing it. So we’re both screwed.

P.S. – You have been BlogWhacked does not imply that the post was designed to BlogWhack you. It just so happens that it does.


Artificial Politics

Obama may have, just might have, sealed the deal last night with a decisive win in North Carolina and an extremely narrow loss in Indiana.

Clinton should start working on her new message: Republicans are bad!

Read on DailyKos: Bill Clinton as a Supreme? Don’t want to waste the time googling it, but has there ever been a disbarred lawyer on the Supreme Court?

Also from DailyKos: Hillary as Senate Majority Leader. There isn’t a consolation prize for tearing your party in half, attacking the presumptive nominee of your party, and acting like a pit-bull from the other side of the aisle. Wait, maybe there should be. The prize should be a demotion!

Oil keeps on rising. The sky is blue. Things cost more than they did yesterday.

John McCain is old. Film at 11.

John King of CNN is now the RainMan of Elections. Lake County, IN, is 8% of the population, definitely 8%.

People are afraid of change, afraid of necessary corrections. Problem is that necessary change makes us better people. Time to step up to the plate.

This post brought to you by the letters A, I, and Reverend Jeremiah Wright (hey, he’s desperate, we’re cheap, match made in Heave^^^ll)

Restrictive Creativity

Work on my ‘Interactive Outliner’ system is coming along extremely well. I’ve run into a few hurdles here and there, but I’ve gotten through them by focusing on a few key ideas:

  • This is 1.0 – There are features that I want to put in, parts of the system that I want to redesign, more long term planning that I want to do. But that’s what version 2.0 is for. This version just needs to work and get out the door. Real artists ship.
  • Restrictions are good – It is extremely difficult to make something that does everything people would ever need. Damn near impossible. Decide what rational limits need to be and stick with them. If the restrictions are too much refer to the above point.
  • Constantly look for inconsistencies. – This project has its own mojo and it needs to permeate throughout the entire code base. Straying from said mojo is not only bad style but negative progress. Don’t cut corners just to get something done. Do it right the first time.

Web Cubed: The final step in the transition from ‘them’ to ‘us’

I’ve been thinking about the issues Scoble has been running into. Indeed, all of us are just as vulnerable as he points out.

The information being added to Facebook, MySpace, etc. is our information. We, collectively, should have a say in who can see it and who can use it. We need to find a way to reroute around the people and companies who are trying to control our information.

This seems kind of similar to the Writers Strike. They are putting in a lot of effort (us), the studios are making a lot of money because of that effort (Facebook, etc.), and the writers just want their piece of the action (we want our information)

Decentralization is the name of the game. You try to control us and we will re-route around you. This could be the great theme of Web 3.0/Web Cubed.

We need to stand up and show these companies that we are sick and tired of them making all the money and not being completely open. We should have a grand ‘Facebook Cancellation Day’, maybe even this coming Monday. We would definitely be giving Facebook something ‘sharp’

We have routers for taking care of traffic, DNS servers for resolving names, HTTP for serving pages, RSS for publishing content, and a whole bunch of different silos for storing our most precious information. Something has got to change.

Have you been Facebooked?

Just like ‘Google’ has become a verb it is time for Facebook.

Facebooked – verb

  • the act of entering any amount of personal/business data and/or contacts into a company’s website without the possibility of getting the information back out.
  • looking at someone’s profile on (deprecated)

Example: Scoble got totally facebooked.

From the Department of Redundancy Department

In 2007 I spent all of my time writing code, doing research, and not really communicating with the outside world. Knowing that this is a bad thing, especially when you want to bring a communication-based product to market, I’ve decided to change that.

Communication is at the very core of everything. Not just the ‘Net, or business, or relationships. Those examples are just higher-level versions of communication. We can go all the way down to the atom and look at the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces all the way up to Planets and Galaxies movements based on Gravity. They are different types of communication then we are used to, but there is still a level of interaction.

Communication is what makes our species so special, it’s why we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder. The level of communication between neurons and chemicals in our brains is what makes us such incredible animals. Communication is responsible for every technical achievment we have ever made.

Communication, communication, communication. It’s what makes our world go ’round.